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Interior and Exterior Residential Painters Melbourne

Turn your dream into plans…and your house into a home

Bright and bold? Our minimalist and modest?

Whatever your vision, we’ll help you create the look you’re striving for.



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Why Impressive Brushstrokes?

Quality – Without question

For us, quality is not a bonus. It’s a must.

We only work with primers and paints that offer the first-class finishes you deserve. And we choose trusted, local brands wherever we can.

As quality control experts, we’re also called in the inspect and fix the poor paint jobs of other providers.

Our work begins before the work begins

To understand your needs, we start with careful listening – and lots of questions.

Then we prepare your surfaces with utmost precision, to achieve the picture-perfect results you deserve.

And for something a bit more extravagant, we offer mirror finishes that few can deliver.

Unrivalled in maintenance

Have some wear and tear, here and there?

Whether it’s scratches on your doors or peeling in your bathroom, we’ll fix it the right way.

Through regular TLC from our team, you can keep your home looking like new – and stop little problems from growing into big ones.


First Impressions that sell

A freshly-painted home can help potential buyers picture their new life in your property.

In fact, it’s often key to closing a sale – and driving up your final price.

So let us give your home the facelift it needs with a beautiful new coat (or three) of paint.

Masters in matching colours

Choosing colours is difficult. But matching them can be even harder.

As experienced painters in the Melbourne neighbourhood we’ll create a palette that reflects the personality of your home.

And if you’ve fallen in love with a special shade, we’ll find the paint to match.

We know homes-inside out

At Impressive Brushstrokes, we identify the high traffic areas in your home so we can prepare and paint them for utmost durability.

Whether it’s applying an ultra premium exterior acrylic finish on your outside walls or an ultra premium internal low Voc acrylic  paint in your living room, our strategic eye makes all the difference.